2019 Arizona Compulsory State Championships
Levels 2-5

When: November 22-24, 2019
Where: Tucson Convention Center
260 S Church Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701
Host: Old Pueblo Gymnastics
Meet CO-Directors: Randy Sooter and Paula Auger
Meet Contact: paula.sundevilgymnastics@outlook.com
Qualification: 30.00 AA Levels 2-5
Entry Fee: $92 Per Athlete
Team Entry: $50 (1 team per club)
Entry Deadline: November 1, 2019
-Entry must be through USA Gymnastics Meet Reservation System
-Sanction Number 72899
-All Gymnasts need to be entered by this deadline without exception
-Any gymnast that does not qualify to State Championships will receive a full refund without penalty per USA Gymnastics Women’s Rules and Policies
-An athlete is considered registered/entered only when all fees are paid in full per USA Gymnastics Women’s Rules and Policies
-Entry fees are non-refundable, exception non-qualifiers and /or denied petitions
Entry Late Fee: November 1, 2019
-$50 per gymnast late fee assessed to entries received after
Payments Payable: Old Pueblo Gymnastics
RE: State Championships
7670 E Wrightstown Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85715
2019 Compulsory State Championships Session Summary PDF
L2-3 Judges Selection and Panels Meet Referee Jennifer Ditmer
Vault Chief Judge Natalie Koga (Non-Affiliated)
AJ Brittany Zwierlein
Bars Chief Judge Robbie Sumpter (Non-Affiliated)
Neela Nelson
Beam Chief Judge Heather Patrick (Non-Affiliated)
Jeni Jankowski
Floor Chief Judge Andi Snyder-Pedersen (Non-Affiliated)
Caren Mansholt
Alternates 1st Alternate Fran Earles
2nd Alternate Dianne Grayson
L4-5 Judges Selection and Panel Meet Referee Neela Nelson
Vault Chief Judge Fran Earles (Non-Affiliated)
Lonnie Rule
Bars Chief Judge Pat Miller (Non-Affiliated)
Lindsay Abney
Beam Chief Judge Dianne Grayson (Non-Affiliated)
Nikki Estes
Floor Chief Judge Karen Udowitch (Non-Affiliated)
Kim Neal
Alternates 1st Alternate Andi Snyder-Pedersen
2nd Alternate Natalie Koga